About JCHA


Ted HerronThe Jefferson City Housing Authority was created by the Missouri Legislature in the late 1950's.  By 1960, Executive Director Ted J. Herron was building the first Public Housing Project in Jefferson City.

It was built on what had been locally called "goat hill" because of the livestock that ran freely there.  Tar paper shacks without indoor plumbing gave way to modern apartments. The new units had up-to-date kitchens with stoves, refrigerators and running water.

The Housing Authority became the Land Clearance Authority for Jefferson City.  In the late 1960's and the 1970's the Land Clearance Authority documented and improved many blighted and substandard neighborhoods all over town.

Today the Housing Authority has  318 units of Public Housing and  421 units with other sources of funding.  Families of all sizes, the elderly and disabled live in Housing Authority owned or managed apartments in several locations in Jefferson City.  At least 200  more families rent from private landlords with rental assistance through the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Board of Commissioners

The six members of the Housing Authority's Board of Commissioners are appointed by Jefferson City's mayor.  The members of the Board are:

Larry Vincent - Chair
Larry Kolb- Vice Chair
Dian Cain 
Dennis Mueller
Bob Weber
Donna White