All Housing Authority Buildings are now Smoke-Free!


No smoking is permitted inside

the buildings or units.

Residents do not have to quit smoking to live here.  However, smoking is permitted only in the designated smoking areas outside of the building. 

Designated Smoking areas for each property is

as follows:

  1) The Gazebo and
         2) A bench on the sidewalk to the right of the entry way.

       1) Shelter near the door to the Clark Senior Center.  Benches on order
                            2) Bench outside the front entryway on the left side
                             3) Bench across the driveway by the trash door
                             4) Bench at the corner of Hyder driveway and the LaDallette driveway  north side of the building will be installed as workers are available and weather permitting.
5) Shelter, on order, will be installed when constructions workers have finished projects and when weather permits.

     1) Shelter behind the building on the side closest to Shikles Center
                             2) Area on upper lot marked by bollards near the dumpster.  A bench has been ordered but is not in yet.

 Linden Court
1) Shelter on the north side of the property.  Bench has been ordered for outside the shelter

      2) A temporary area on the old bus stop pad on the south side near the street. 

 Ken Locke
       1) Shelter on the lower parking lot.  Bench has been ordered for inside the shelter
  2) Bench on the upper lot underneath the light pole.

     The Towers   
1) Parking lot to the east side of Hamilton in the back corner- marked by  bollards.  Bench has been ordered. 
         2) In the front area on the white seats between the green lines on the sidewalk.
                               3) Behind Dulle at the farthest west corner of the community garden.  Seating will be provided there in the future. 
4) A shelter will be placed behind Hamilton on the lawn after the cement pad and sidewalk are laid- which   depends on the weather.  Shelter is on order.  Benches will be placed both inside and outside of the shelter.

Capital City Apartments
Smoking allowed if they are more than 25 feet from any building (sidewalks near the  streets and middle of parking lots are all more than 25 feet from a building).  Smoking is not allowed in the playground.

 East Elm Street neighborhood  
Anywhere more than 25 feet from any building and not in the play areas.

 Elizabeth, Buena Vista and Dulle Streets 
 Anywhere more than 25 feet from any building and not in the play areas.

 Administration Building
Area marked by bollards in lower lot.

 Maintenance Building
To the left of the driveway toward the street.

 Dorothy Pack building
Bench on front sidewalk.

 Red Barn
No smoking permitted anywhere.

 Montana Street Shed 
No smoking permitted anywhere.

 Old Maintenance barn used by school district
No smoking permitted anywhere.

 Cherry Street Day Care
No smoking permitted anywhere.

 Residents interested in quitting smoking can obtain free help by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) or logging on to .